Points Detail

Points Detail
S.No Action Detail Points
1 comments for You this will be goes to the writer of article. 1
2 Your Vote Points this point will be goes to writer 1
3 Your Views Points Given to writer when someone view his/her publication 0.3
4 You'r Following follow by the person who follow someone 3
5 Vote to Others when some like to an article 0.5
6 comments to Other points detail When a person comments to other 0.5
7 Your Following following of a writer 5
8 referrer the person who use referral code 5
9 referal the point will be go the own who refersome one . 10
10 Audio Upload points for audio articles/ speeches 10
11 Abstracts This Section Contains Abstracts Detail 10
12 Research Paper This section will deal with research paper 12
13 video upload when some upload video 13
14 Book Books as printed 15
15 signup when some one create new account they will have some points 20
16 News This is for news 25
17 Reports Internship and other relevant reports 40
18 written written 70
19 Synopsis This section will deal with synopsis 80
20 Thesis This section will deals with reseach thesis 100
21 Presentation this section will deals with presentation upload 22.5