A Confused Pakistani Child

By Bilal Pasha

A Confused Pakistani Child

We as a nation has become confused with certain things which are fundamentals of life. What we think should be the part of the system, we do not do, and what we think we ought to follow, we do not follow the same. This trend goes the same from a root level to the top bunches. Take an example of a young school going child. As the life in these days of such a small being is flatly dependent on his parents, the confusion of them that what their child should learn and what not confuses the toddler too. In an unthinkable fashion, owing to norms of society and certain moral compulsions, a child learns things beyond its potential. This extra learning put such a strain upon him that he becomes unable to do things properly in his early age. He starts to develop certain habits which totally root out his critical thinking and in the end, he becomes a confused numb totally aloof to his goal of life.

            Take an example of an early age school going child in Pakistan. He is as busy as a small ant is in his day to day activities. He gets up early in the morning and he has to read Arabic to learn the Holy Book- Quran. Without the learning of the book, the life of a Muslim is meaningless. After learning a different language in the early morning, when he comes at breakfast table, he has to speak mother language with his parents and home mates because it is the also a necessity. After sometime, without having a proper break, in a hasty manner, he goes to school. If he is a student of a high fee private school, he is supposed to speak and lean in English in his school. and if he is a school child of low fee private or public one, here comes another problem. He has to learn in English language and supposed to speak Urdu with his teacher and class mates. If we look in peruse manner, learning a different language is one of the difficult tasks of the planet. And in this scenario, if we look at a poor child of Pakistan, he is learning four different languages in his very age in which he learns more by imitating. When he has to imitate something else and to learn something else differently, he learns but he becomes confused with all these stuffs.

            From here the problem starts. It is astonishing to know that in such an early age a child learns four languages. He becomes over burdened with work. With nothing to choose, he starts learning all yet with a pressure. Instead of learning things in their true meaning and definition, he tries to make everything in his memory. He becomes a rote learner and critical thinking just totally diminishes. What he learns in the early morning, Quran, he never in his life gets the true meaning of this noble book which Allah has desired to get learned by the human being. He becomes an easy prey to poor theologians who then make him to believe their own sorts of interpretations of Quran. From here, sectarianism, hatred speech and all sorts of related social evils born. Had he understood the same in his early days, things would have taken place in positive direction.

            Along with getting poor understanding of religion, what he also learns from his mother language, also looks insipid to him. He thinks that language he is learning in school is more fascinating and have more advantages. He tries to learn and speak these foreign languages. When he is in learning phase, the originality of his very culture and civilization also gets evaporated. The best example to serve is the culture of Punjab. When the Punjabi students starts learning the English language in every way, they just forget the Punjabi colour. Same is the case with other regions of Pakistan where the local culture and civilization are just taking their last breath. Therefore, here comes another problem. As he gets nothing in religion, same is the case with his own colour and values which also gets washed away. Here comes the second loss.

            Thirdly, certain norms of the society, stigma against English since the colonial age in sub-continent of India and meagre opportunities of learning quality English restricts these children to learn this international language partially. In this regard, they make them deficient in the very language which is vital to make a mark at international standards. Though a few students make their mark in the very language which have the availability of elite class schools i.e. Beacon House, American Lyceum, The City School etc. but majority remains poor. Given the scenario, it can be said that those who are reining the power of the country make their children learn in these schools and do good in this language while rest of the community suffers from an acute sense of confusion that where should go to treat all these ills.

            Lastly, Urdu which is the national language is not updated over the years. The name of the very language means that it is the pool which contains the words of several languages. Due to indifference for a long period of time, it is highly unlikely that it can be chosen at an international level. Student nowadays have to learn a diversity of subjects. It is almost impossible for them to name thousands of terms in Urdu. So, with the passage of time, though Urdu has remained in our common day to day talks, yet from curriculum and offices it has been evaporated. To convert all the system into Urdu is almost an impossible task. In this scenario, a young student also gets confused to take a concrete action.

            Therefore, it is high time that something must had done. Some concrete education policy must have been developed to make the trek of toddler easy and serene. Had these things adjusted earlier, things would have taken a turn now. However, better late than never, a lucid and clear policy must be formulated in order to make progress. There are two options. Firstly, we should update our national language in a way that the syllabi can easily be transferred into it and students can make understand the curricula well. This would take much effort and meticulous planning. Secondly, we can follow the Australian or Canadian example. We are also much ahead as a country in English as a second language than rest of the wold. The need of the hour is to go further. Quality learning must take place and stigma against it must be get reduced. Only through this way we would be able to make our mark at international level. IN’ SHA’ ALLAH.

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