Brand loyalty can't compete with special offers and sales

By Iqra Younas

Brand loyalty can't compete with special offers and sales

People here in Pakistan are very brand conscious. They love to wear branded suits in which they look stunning but keep sticking to a single brand shows the brand loyalty. The brand loyalty of a customer is a very positive feedback for the brand. It also shows that person is satisfied with this brand and he/she will keep using this brand.

Some people switch to other brands by seeing the sale and other offers. The main purpose of such type of sales and offers are just to promote their brand and to attract the customers because they are aware from customer’s mentality. Customer always wants the best thing at low price. The reason of offering sale and buy one get one free is only to make them the regular customers because they think this is the only way which can eliminate the brand loyalty.

On the other, some people keeps on going to the same brand without getting bored and they never think of switching to other brand even the sales and offers are not seeking the attention of these people.

The reason for this is that the brand which they are using is very reasonable for them and their loyalty sometimes goes to the point of marketing the brand which is like telling to the other people that you are regularly using this brand and you do not have any complaint regarding this brand. This is like a suggestion for other people also to come to this brand and try the outfit.

The offers and sales of other brands are most of the times of no use. They fail to attract the customers and to make them their regular customers. The reason for this is instead of being focused on sales they should to improve their quality which surely will raise the standard of their brand. If people are satisfied with your brand they will use favourable word of mouth which will attract other people too and like this their chain continues.

Brand loyalty is the perfect feedback which any customer gives to the brand and it is very hard to break as people have become accustomed to buying a particular brand. But marketers have come up with many theories that help companies to devise strategies and to introduce offers to make people try other brands as well.  Different kind of promotions and sales strategies should be used to break brand loyalty. For example, brand loyal people of a particular brand could be motivated to change their brand e.g car buyers of a particular brand can be motivated to switch their brand if they are told that cars of their ideal brand are not environment friendly and change this brand can not only save them good amount of money but will also help in keeping the environment safe and healthy. Same way household buyers could be motivated to use CFC freezers and refrigerators to keep the Ozone layer intact which will help in keeping the earth safe from strong UV rays of the sun.

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