Digital Marketing is the future of advertising industry

By Mustafa Raheed

Digital Marketing is the future of advertising industry

Digital Marketing is the imminent of advertising industry all over the world. Brands can be seen in denial of its usefulness. It’s worth more than what you can think off or what you already know. Basically, it’s just an alternative platform where you can advertise the brand. Print, electronic or outdoor media have already stretched to their potential but digital marketing industry is yet to reach its full potential. Imagine what it can do once it is being abundantly utilized and also backed by at least 10% of the budget that is being spent on other mediums of advertising. 

The advantage a brand would have with advertising through the digital platform is that at first you are not constrained by as many restrictions like it is with other platforms because of regulatory bodies involved so brands have more liberty here. Secondly, you get an advantage of direct interaction with your audience i.e. once you post an advertisement people start engaging and then you have an opportunity to respond instantly. It is believed that you do not have that luxury when you put up an advertisement on any other platform apart from digital.  Another important thing when you make a decision is the cost benefit analysis, now just compare the amount of budget a brand goes on to spend on buying one billboard in a key location. Obviously, there will be people of that specific area who will see it and for brands that want to cover all key locations in Pakistan will have to spend billions of rupees to reach out audience in all those locations but here in digital platform, you can reach out a number of people with the much lesser expense.

Some companies consider that digital advertising is just about updating a Facebook post that is a digital adaption of a print ad or uploading their TV commercial but it’s not really that. There are so many wings in digital marketing that audience is not yet aware off and mainly the soul of digital marketing is the content curation as it will define the brand. The more creative you can get, best usage of short videos animations, any new offers, sale promotion, brand promotion, creating a buzz or giving out important announcements. It’s all done through properly thought over a content plan which is why it is important to have a professional team on board that can help you achieve your goals. If you can think of it then you can do it on digital platforms.

It’s not necessary that with digital media you will reach perfection but if you consider that there is any margin of improvement in how well you are connected with your audience then digital marketing will be the right choice for you. Most of us might or might not have read the newspaper in the morning but one thing is certain, no matter which social media platform you are using, you must have checked it multiple times since the day began. 

Here at Verdant, attention to detail is the code. Brands are looked after so that they can grow in the digital world and make the best use of every platform they are on. Along with developing and handling your online stores Verdant takes the entire responsibility of inbound and outbound communication with your audience which enables Verdant to also serve as your customer care department along with your advertising job. It is the effective marketing strategy to help you with initiating a successful advertising campaign. Verdant tries to give you independent ideas and also sync with your ongoing marketing plans to give an extra push on digital platforms. All our customers are important to us doesn’t matter if you have a new startup or you are an already established multinational company, and we give our ultimate commitment and take entire responsibility to help your brand become successful.

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