Emerging Fashion Trends in Pakistan

By Iqra Younas

Emerging Fashion Trends in Pakistan

If you are a fashion seeker and you want your wardrobe updated all the time then you need to look for emerging trends. Fashion comes and goes and it changes time to time and it also varies from season to season. People of our society judge you from your appearance so your dress code matters a lot.

Your appearance matters a lot e.g if you are a teacher your dressing should reflect your stature as people look what you are wearing because you become inspiration of your students. In the same way if you are an employee of a company you must wear neat and clean clothes.

Pakistan is among one of those counties where people love to adapt to new fashion. Fashion is not common only in girls but boys also love to do fashion to look good. There are so many local brands which grab the attention of people. Few common brands which people are stuck to are Shirt & Tie and CharCoal. The competition between the brands is increasing. Most of the brand conscious boys go for international brands because they think those brands are enhancing their personality instead of the local brands. Our fashion industry is not highly established. Most of the designers like to follow Hollywood and Bollywood outfits. Our local brands must work on it that why people are preferring international brands over local brands. They must create or innovate their own styles to promote the fashion.

For the promotion of Fashion in our country Government must open institutes like Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design. The fashion institute gives birth to so many designers; it gives us awareness and the knowledge. Learning Fashion enhance the fashion sense. It tells us what's in and what's out meaning which fashion is currently being followed and which kind of fashion is now considered out of date.

Fashion trends changed worldwide. If we look in the history of fashion industry in 70's and 80's bell bottom were inn with a short shirt. Now the same old trend came again. Girls look so stylish and feel their self so comfortable. It is the trend of 70's and 80's, it makes a ravishing comeback. For the promotion of fashion, we must invite foreign designers and to share ideas with them regarding fashion. If we are into fashion than we have the sense of fashion globally, which trends are inn in west and how we bring that in east. People need change. Every trend worldwide is not for a long time, by seeing the interest of the people they bring innovations.

Few designers like Hassan Shaharyar Yasir, Mehdi and Zainab Chottani they are working so well for the promotion of fashion industry. Hassan Shaharyar Yasir (HSY) is one of the best known designer of Pakistan. He won so many awards as well. He is having a very good fashion sense. He does not only focus the Pret and bridal dresses but also introduces men sherwani. He is promoting both men and women fashion style. People love to wear their outfit and to look adorable. In the same way we can't forget Junaid Jamshed's outlet. Men are very much addicted to this brand.Junaid Jamshed brand's Shalwar kamiz and Sherwanis are very much popular.

There are so many other designers which are working hard for the promotion of fashion in our country. Fashion is all about what and how we are representing our country in front of other countries. We should always ready to face the challenges and must not consider ourselves less than the others.

For giving height to fashion some emerging designers like Sobia Nazir and Farah Talib they are not so well known or well recognized designers globally but people remarks about them are amazing and the main thing women love to follow these new brands and their reviews regarding them are very positive.

Reviews and feedback of the clients are very important because if the reviews are positive it surely gives confidence to brand owner and it motivates them and the next time they try and work more hard to satisfy the customers.

Fashion Trends not only in Pakistan but globally are changing. If we talk about eight years back women loved to wear long shirts with a boot cut and at that time Sharara was also very much famous with that long shirt.

If we talk about the lawn, many designers are working for lawn prints. The prints of Sapphire Lawn, Nishat and Kamal grab the attention of ladies because women of Pakistan are very brand conscious.

If we look at new fashion trends now a days then we come to know we are again into short shirts with Capri and tulip pants. Shalwar is also inn which was totally out from the last couple of years. So trends are repeatedly changing.

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