By Muhammad Sami

I am Burhan Wani

Exactly a year ago on the 8th of July 2016, one of the main youth leader of Kashmiri people against the oppression of Indian army. Has been martyred by the Indian forces. He was the icon of Kashmiri independence movement against the illegal occupation of the beautiful valley of Kashmir.

Born in 1994 in the area of Dadasara, Tral in Indian Occupied Kashmir. At the age of 21, he was known as the beacon of hope not just only for the young Kashmiris but also for the other Kashmiri leaders who were standing as a force of resistance against Indian Army. Indian army and government thought that silencing the voice of Wani would rather end his huge movement.

But Burhan Muzaffar Wani is not just only the name of one freedom fighter or a young person who is fighting for his independence. He was the name of the Kashmiri’s people hope, he is the name of an un-ended movement against the oppression and terrorism of Indian army.

After his martyrdom all over the Kashmir, the huge protests have been launched and a great movement erupted for the freedom with great zeal and spirit. Burhan was very well educated a young man who always been very active on social networks to work day and night just to put his voice among the elite leaders of the world against the evilness of Indian army.

The government of India who self-claimed their country as the biggest democracy in the world along with one of the biggest secular states as well. Ordered 1 million Indian rupees bounty on the head of Burhan Wani. Also just to hide their nasty and inhumane activities in IOK. They put up a ban on social network sites. Also, shut down the train services along with several highways to prevent the protests.

Having all these barriers the spirit of Kashmiri people rather going down pulled up and millions of Kashmiris kept adding to the protests to seek the freedom. The Indian government also declared Burhan Wani as the terrorist. And launched an Israeli like activity to colonized Indian people in Kashmir just too oppressed Muslims across the occupied Valley.

However, Burhan Muzaffar Wani started something that seemed to be only going to end with freedom. Indian Government is losing their control day by day. And their forces started using chemical weapons against innocent Kashmiris in order to control them. This is a new low for Indian army and their so-called democratic government.

Indian army killed so many young leaders and commanders like Burhan Wani in recent past decades. But Kashmiri people chose to have enough of the cruelty of Indian forces. And now they only going to sit to rest when they get freedom from India. Now Indian Army has to face thousands of Burhan Wani’s before that it was just only one.

There will be Burhan Wani from every single home, how many of them will Indian army going to kill? Pakistani government and people are standing step to step with their Kashmiri Brother and sisters against the Indian oppression. And one-day InshAllah Kashmir will be going to be an independent state.   

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