Media role, position & its Importance in Pakistan

By Iqra Younas

Media role, position & its Importance in Pakistan

For the well developed countries media is having a big hand in their success. But if we talk about our country media is not free from terror and threats. They face so many trials and sometimes they are pressurised to such an extent that they are unable to give the authentic news to the public. But we must all be well aware of the fact that no country can be successful without the help of the media. Media helps a lot in publicity of anything or spreading words. They actually give height to your statements. Media plays a crucial role in creating and shaping public opinion. Media can portray a good or a bad image of some situation and people tend to believe that. This makes the role of media far more important and also puts a lot of responsibility on their management as well as on government and other regulatory authorities.

Media have the right to cover any area and to let people know about what is actually happening there regardless of the fact whether it is in their favour or not. Now we can take here the example of food authority, government took so many appreciating steps to save people lives and make them aware that the food which they are eating is unhygienic and it has become the source of various fatal diseases like cancer etc.

Media also appreciate the work and efforts of government. The main purpose of media is to share the news with the public and promote the good piece of work.

On the other hand if there is some gambling found or illegal activity found by the media than one must know that no one has the right to stop them and to give them threats because if they appreciate us in some areas then they can also show our drawbacks where we are lacking as this is the utmost duty of media.

According to laws it is clear that there should be no attack on media. They have a right to tell the public what is happening all around us globally and nationwide. Media is has the right that if somebody is stopping them to air some bad news about government or some other illegal activities then they can sue them.

Sometimes journalists are also pressurised by the politicians and government that they are not supposed to air news which can distort their image otherwise they threaten to ruin their lives. Some of the journalists suffered a lot due to this.

Media is very important for any country. We must support our media that they are working day and night for us. No country can be successful if their media is not free from terrorism.

Media is the only way through which we can convey our messages globally that our country Pakistan is a peaceful country and we do not give birth to terrorists. People over here are united and peaceful. They are in the favour of spreading love, harmony and peace.

Although media has the right to report the true and fair facts without being biased in favour of anyone. They have the responsibility to show reports without distorting the facts and for that they should not be pressurized by the government. But that does not totally exclude government from the picture as government has a very critical role in this regard. Media should not be allowed to portray bad image of Pakistan or anything which is against our values and freedom. Anything that may harm or injure peoples’ feelings related to religion or their family matters should be banned. In this regards, government of Pakistan has taken some steps to ensure that 100% factual reporting is done by the TV and Radio channels. PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) is the regulatory authority set up by the government to ensure that the above goals are met.  The main purpose and goal of PEMRA is to improve standards of information, enlarge choice available to people, facilitate the devolution of responsibility, ensure accountability and transparency. PEMRA has so far been able to achieve its goals to some extent but still a lot of efforts need to be done to remove corruption from this authority as well.

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