Pros and Cons of Smart Phones

By Iqra Younas

Pros and Cons of Smart Phones

Cell Phones are very important for daily lives. We feel ourselves incomplete if we are not holding the cell phone. Buying expensive phones and surfing or browsing all the time has become an activity and daily habit. New mobile models attract the young generation a lot. So they keep on changing the cell phones and love to hold expensive phone to show their friends of your class.

Taking to friends and interacting with them anytime, anywhere has become so common. This technology has now become so popular in youth and our young generation is spending all the time using it without thinking of doing anything. Even they forget to give time to their family. Mobile phones have become so essential for them they cannot live a single moment without it.

There are so many uses of smart phones but as we all are well aware from the fact that excess of everything is bad. Using mobile phones all the times puts adverse effects on our brain as well as on our sight. It may become the reason of anxiety and depression.

Mobile phones have made it possible for us to get connected to our loved one and family members all the time regardless of wherever we are. This has especially helpful when there is some emergency as we can connect to our family members and tell them about important events in just seconds. For example, if some relatives passes away then we can immediately inform others about this fact by calling them using mobile phone. We don’t have to be at home to do this, we can call our relatives while we are walking or doing our work.

Students can use this technology for discussing important assignments, ideas etc. Group conference call could be made and discussion could be arranged over mobile phones. This way mobile phones can be very helpful for educational purposes.

There are few helpless diseases even the medicine did not work for such diseases. So we all must take care of this and use this technology in a positive way.

If you keep using it late at night and do not take the hours of sleep, dark circles appear under your eye and internally you are getting weak with the excess usage of cell phones.

And one bigger disadvantage of this advanced technology is sitting all the time and using it for playing games on it which increases your weight too and it badly affects your looks if once you become fat. It becomes difficult to refuse and to follow the diet plan also if we are all the time using mobile phones. So to avoid all these problems and to get rid of all such problems we must do the limited use of this technology.

We use smartphones all the time even in the night by playing games on it or by watching movies on it. This contains rays which put bad impact on our vision and it also becomes the reason of daily headache.

On the other side using cell phones during driving is very dangerous for the life. People are so addicted to texting and telling their fellows and loved ones what they are doing at the moment and giving all the information has become a hobby. This is very interesting for them but sometimes they pay high cost for it if they use it or text while driving they may face severe accidents which may ruin their lives.

Another critical disadvantage of mobile phones is that we have never ending interruptions during our important discussions. For example in business meetings, family discussions, or other important events, we may find ourselves or other chatting or calling other over mobile phones all the time. This becomes a source of irritation and interruption in the smooth flow of discussion.

So one must have the knowledge of how and when and where to use this technology. Because there is nothing more important than your life in this world. So we must take good care of our health and use this technology in a good way which should become the source of advantage and should not become the source of destruction for ourselves.

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