Revival of Film Industry in Pakistan

By Iqra Younas

Revival of Film Industry in Pakistan

Films are the best way for anyone to entertain himself as well as to pass leisure time. After doing so many hectic work most of the time we get so tired and we need to relax and for relaxation and changing the mood movies are the best way.

The peak time of film industry was in 1970's to onward. Our old actors and actresses did so well and they were globally famous even our neighbour country is so much inspired from our legends. So many famous names of film industry are still famous all over the world. They were the reason that our film industry is still existent today. Among these famous names a few of them are Waheed Muraad, Muhammad Ali, Sangeeta, Shabnam, Nadeem, Shafqat Cheema  etc.

They earned so much name in different countries as well and represented our country in a good way. They enlightened the name of Pakistan. Then afterwards so many new actors and actresses like Shan, Reema, Saima, Resham, Saud, Maumar Rana, Noor, Meera etc they came and they did so many movies but later a time came our industry started collapsing.

Producers were not making movies up to standards instead their concern moved towards the Drama and we started losing the directors as well. So our industry badly destroyed. Even the films were mostly made on one topic as most of the population who used to watch Pakistani movies was from rural areas. So directors and producers tried to only create movies that can attract these rural people. Most of these movies were created one topic where the hero saves the girl after fighting with hundreds of people alone. He could save the bullets and could destroy his enemies with his bare hands.

And the negative sign for our industry was our so many talented actors and actresses moved to India for their careers because they think this industry is of no use for them and if they stayed here their career will be destroyed so they start their acting in India and they get paid well because india never lose any opportunity to degrade Pakistan.

They cannot bear that Pakistan can lead well in any field so they keep on letting Pakistan down.

Unfortunately our crowd lean towards the Indian movies and they start watching Indian movies and promote it in Pakistan. With block buster indian movies such Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

to Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Sultan, PK, Dungal etc, Bollywood has succeeded in getting attention from a lot of Pakistani public as well. This has not only gained a considerable revenue for the Bollywood film industry but also a shock to Pakistani film Industry. Now far better and good plot movies have to be made by our film industry in order to win the competition. Cinema owners oppose any kind of ban of Indian films as they know most of the people come to watch indian movies only.

This is not a good sign for our industry and people who belonged to this profession they were so much disheartened because this was the only way of their earning. But it would not be fair if I say that still the Pakistani film industry is under a downward spiral. Now the industry is moving upward with the coming of new and young actors. Young blood who are proving to be the success factor for the revival of film industry are Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Danish Taimoor, Hamza Ali Abbasi etc. The most important factor in this regard is the film plot. Now the writers are making films according to new ideas keeping in mind the cultural values and traditions.

Now a revival of film industry is good sign, few of the producers and directors came to support the industry like Bilal Lashari with his movie Waar did a lot of business so this is a good sign for our industry.

Government should also take a stand and support such people financially and help them to promote their talent by providing them with new technology so they can make better movies for Pakistan. Government has a very crucial role if it wants to give a boost to film industry.

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