By Shumyla Mariyam

Standards Build Trust

Due to high advancements in innovation and technology, it is vital for organizations to set and keep up quality guidelines and standards. In 1947, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was built to set up standardized models for items and administrations that organizations were expected to comply with. The fundamental focus of the International Organization for Standardization was to address, maintain, monitor and keep up quality norms. It was comprehended that standardization was essential for economies to develop as they instilled trust among general public and purchasers.

For any business, maintaining the quality of a product and service is vital for fulfilling customer expectations. Consumers are the key focus for any type of business and the best way to keep them faithful to your brand is the maintenance of the quality of the products or services. At the point when promised standardized quality, customers will pay significantly higher sums that in turn generates large revenues for an organization. Quality is the one parameter which differentiates an organization from its rivals. An average consumer looks for a product that provides them the best of quality. Once purchased by a consumer, the motivation behind the business does not end there. If customers do not return, that determines that the respective organization is unable to keep up their quality benchmarks due to which the clients lack trust in their brand. There are various cases with respect to the quality standards in the business industry that proves the phenomena that Standards build trust. Let’s take Levis jeans for instance. Their customers hold confidence and trust in their brand that they will provide them with the same quality of jeans every time without fail. Due to this, the brand is able to keep their sales to a maximum. Levis’ loyal consumers know that they will be provided with the quality of jeans that they anticipate.  

The idea of standardization was initially introduced to influence productivity and customer loyalty. Countries like UK and Canada underline on this phenomena due to which their economies have progressed greatly. As the general population has faith and confidence in their government, they are willing to pay colossal measures of taxes exclusively on the grounds that they will be provided with high standards of education, health, food, well-being, and transportation. Building trust is utmost important, without which the progression of an economy cannot occur.

Despite the fact that Pakistan is working its approach to standardizing products, it needs a long time to land at the benchmark set by ISO. For instance, a straightforward pack of treats ought to have the respective ingredients and expiration date imprinted on the wrapper for the buyer to read. Sometimes products lack that in Pakistan due to which the consumers prefer to purchase an imported good rather than the one produced locally. That gives no significant benefit to our economy. In the event that we attempt to comprehend why individuals like to purchase imported items, is for the most part in light of their trust in them. Consumers are aware that if a packaging has merely ‘Made in USA’ printed on top, the item will be up to the standards that they expect. This confirms that Pakistani businesses need to standardize creation for picking up client trust, due to which there can be some advantage to our economy also.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) not only sets up quality standards but also monitors and screens them. When a company or organization is certified by them, it consequently builds the trust of the clients in that specific thing as they realize that it would be up to the benchmark. In Pakistan, campaigns regarding the awareness of these standards should be conducted for the general public. The items ought to be ensured by ISO and once individuals comprehend the significance of ISO that will naturally develop their trust.

Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) was set up to maintain and monitor the quality standards but the general public lack trust in the government because of which even the items affirmed by PSQCA don't essentially hold any kind of upper hand. Undoubtedly, accreditation by ISO costs more which thus would raise costs for customers, they would hold more confidence and trust in them. If PSQCA works towards picking up the trust of the general population, it will be to a great degree valuable for the customers or organizations, as well as for the economy. Keeping up strict benchmarks will instill trust among shoppers to purchase domestically created items and in the end import of those items would not be required. That would prompt a high advancement in our economy and fares. Different nations would import Pakistani items in light of the fact that they meet every one of the benchmarks and guidelines set up by PSQCA, as that would affirm the high standards of the merchandise.

Venturing out to various nations like England, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia I have seen the distinction in norms of nature of the items and administrations. Al-Baik is one of the largest fast food companies in Saudi Arabia that holds approximately 80% of the share in the market. For quite a long time, they put resources into picking up the trust of their clients pulling them towards their products. This was done by maintaining their taste, quality and standards and at one point the company operated on no profit no loss for years. Their strategy was set for the long term in a sense that after controlling their benchmarks and standards, they were able to generate a massive sum of revenues. The people hold a strong faith and belief in their brand image and this is solely because of the quality and standards they have been able to comply with.

Hence, it is highly essential for any organization to control and maintain their norms keeping them up to the mark. This imparts trust among their clients but in order to do so, investments are required. Producing a product that meets the benchmark or standard would be of no use if the customers are not aware of it. It is important to keep in mind how to display the brand to the people to pick up their certainty and confidence that would be useful for an organization in the long haul.

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