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By Muhammad Haider Ali

Study on Internet

Today I am going to discuss a major issue of Pakistani students at school and college level. A number of students can not afford Academy fee at the same time others they can afford but not want to take lectures by sitting hours and hours in the academies. I am going to suggest all those students who are facing the above-mentioned issues they should prepare themselves for studies through the internet. The Internet will provide you all the information, all the solutions every thing you want and answer to your all questions and confusions if you know to find it from proper place. I added a video to the sample, it is a 1st introductory lecture of F.Sc (pre-medical) Biology. You can find all lectures on the internet in written form as well as in a short tutorial form. In this video, the teacher explained in just 5 minutes and you no need to sit in academy class for more than half an hour. Just watch and try to find more lectures. Good luck.

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